Rental Application

Thank you for considering our property for your family.  We pride ourselves on renting the nicest houses in town to the nicest people in town.  In our screening process, we look at three things:  your rental history, your work history, and your credit.  We need for at least two of the three to be good. So, for example, if your credit is damaged, but you have a good work history and past landlord references, we can work with you.  We DO rent to people with damaged credit.

We have a two-part application process.

Please fill out the RENTAL APPLICATION and TENANT CREDIT AUTHORIZATION RELEASE (4 pages total) legibly and completely and email them to  You may pay your $60 Credit Check Fee in cash, check, via PayPal to, or direct deposit (call for details).

Part One:  The first stage of our approval process it to process your RENTAL APPLICATION.

Part Two:  If your RENTAL APPLICATION meets our requirements, we proceed to the second stage.  Our corporate partner VETTED SERVICES INC. will pull your credit and criminal history.  At this point, your Credit Check Fee is fully earned.

If your RENTAL APPLICATION does not meet our requirements, we will not pull your credit and will refund your application fee in full.

Download Rental Application