If you are a current rental customer and you are having a problem with your house, you can call the following people for service.  Make sure to tell them that you are one of my customers, and they will take good care of you.

General Handyman: Jim 747-1252.  Jim can handle almost anything except heavy electrical and heavy plumbing work.  He should usually be your first call.  He gets up early and goes to bed early, please don’t call him after 8PM.

Heat or AC not working: Edwin 625-6149

Heavy Plumbing, like a sewer backing up or a high pressure leak: Richardo 348-6644

Major appliance not working, like stove or refrigerator: Independent Appliance 763-0656

Major electrical (sparks, smoke, whole circuits dead): Terry 630-6512

If you still need me, leave me a voicemail or text at 850-763-7355 or email chan@hshi.net.